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Google security researcher excoriates TrendMicro for critical AV defects

Antivirus provider TrendMicro has released an emergency product update that fixes critical defects that allow attackers to execute malicious code and to view contents of a password manager built in to the malware protection program. mais 432 palavras

Targeted Attacks versus APTs: What’s The Difference?

Great article out of the Trend Micro newsletter:

“A few weeks ago I appeared on the RedZone podcast hosted by Bill Murphy, where I talked about (among other topics) the differences between targeted attacks and what our competitors called Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). mais 684 palavras


Gotham Security Daily Threat Alerts

September 24, IDG News Service – (International) Ransomware pushers up their game against small businesses. TrendMicro researchers released analysis revealing that 67 percent of users who clicked on links in CryptoWall and 40 percent who clicked links in TorrentLocker ransomware-related emails were from small and medium businesses in June and July, attributing the percentage to social engineering and a lack of safeguards compared to larger organizations. mais 54 palavras


Ashley Madison, Why Do Our Honeypots Have Accounts On Your Website?

She is 33 years old, from Los Angeles, 6 feet tall, sexy, aggressive, and a “woman who knows what she wants”, according to her profile. She is intriguing. mais 54 palavras


Detectan dos apps spyware que afectan a usuarios de iOS

Detectan dos apps spyware que afectan a usuarios de  iOS recientemente los expertos de seguridad informática de Trend.

Las aplicaciones encontradas, llamadas XAgent y MadCap… mais 238 palavras


Malware detectado en Flash infecta usuarios Windows y Mac

Trend Micro systems a lanzando una alerta informando de un Malware detectado en Flash player que infecta a los usuarios de Windows y Mac.

Al momento de la advertencia, Adobe ha confirmado la existencia de esta vulnerabilidad y está colaborando con Trend Micro para solucionar lo antes posible este problema, se dice que el parche de seguridad para acabar con esta amenaza podría estar listo esta semana. mais 173 palavras