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My Teacher is a Russian Communist

“My mom said you are Russian Communist”, commented Audrey, one of the brightest 8th grade students in my physical science class as I handed back the classification of matter quizzes. mais 379 palavras


Settling in

The first week of a new year is always hectic. The second week, on the other hand, is always more relaxing. Somehow, professors understand that we cannot read 10 articles per subject so they have already cut down on our workload. mais 340 palavras


Expanding Monitor Theory

Since Monitor Theory is the primary theory that informs the MAST methodology, I want to take some time here to focus on different ideas and tools that will expand our understanding of this theory. mais 1.030 palavras

Language Learning Theories

Four language learning theories have been prevalent in Western Education over the past century. One primarily informs the MAST process, but each has relevance either in what it has to offer or the limitations made evident in its use. mais 793 palavras

How To Give Effective Feedback to Language Learners?: An Example of Vygotskian Responsive Assistance

  • Previously, I wrote a piece critical of what many EFL teachers might think is good advice for giving student feedback. I mentioned in that post that a more effective method would be Dynamic Assessment.
  • mais 5.061 palavras
English As A Second Language

Piaget and Vygotsky in Pictures

Using pictures to prompt recall and check understanding

I was recently teaching a longer than usual session (2 hours) to a large group of students (36) out of normal school hours. mais 744 palavras