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How Can We Measure Social Motivation To Obtain More Holistic Cultural Profiles?

Illustration by Jeannie Phan

Introduction: Networked beings with reason and language, striving to persevere

As most adequately described by Lev Vygotsky, we are social creatures long before we are individuals (Vygotsky & Cole, 1978). mais 3.226 palavras

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Vygotsky on collective creativity & the power of imagination

This post discusses collective creativity, its interconnection with imagination and the potential both of these offer in relation to a pursuit towards empathy and understanding between people. mais 1.713 palavras

Psicología del Arte - Lev Vygotsky

El arte es lo social en nuestro interior, e incluso cuando su acción la lleva a cabo un individuo aislado, ello no significa que su esencia sea individual.  mais 1.256 palavras


You Didn’t Build That! Why You Can’t Claim Credit for Your Mind

The following blog draws on and has excepts from the forthcoming book Computers, Cockroaches and Ecosystems: Understanding Learning through Metaphor.

“I built this!” Maybe you remember that slogan from the last presidential election cycle. mais 2.133 palavras

Making Sense of the World: The Contructivist View

Reading Vygotsky’s Constructivism made me somehow  relate it to Student-Centered Learning (SCL) for I just later realized that one of SCL attribute is construction of learning which is obviously  rooted in constructivism theory. mais 487 palavras

Cognitive Theory

Invited talk by M. Kontopodis in Oxford: Experiencing developmental crises in critical times

Let me kindly invite the readers of this blog to my talk on June 08, 2016 17:00 – 18:30 in Seminar Room G, School of Education at the University of Oxford on “Experiencing developmental crises in critical times: from realising potential futures to actualising virtual possibilities?”. mais 212 palavras


Survival Mode

This is not something meaningful for someone to stumble upon

years from now and see any sort of light

shining other than the one leading ships to wreck… mais 199 palavras