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How To Give Effective Feedback to Language Learners?: An Example of Vygotskian Responsive Assistance

  • Previously, I wrote a piece critical of what many EFL teachers might think is good advice for giving student feedback. I mentioned in that post that a more effective method would be Dynamic Assessment.
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English As A Second Language

Piaget and Vygotsky in Pictures

Using pictures to prompt recall and check understanding

I was recently teaching a longer than usual session (2 hours) to a large group of students (36) out of normal school hours. mais 744 palavras


Extra Credit Opportunity: Piaget vs. Vygotsky

Another cognitive psychologist who was interested with how children learn was Lev Vygotsky, who focused on sociocultural cognitive development. Inexplicably he’s not really featured much in your textbook; he will, probably, be featured on the AP Psych exam. mais 107 palavras

Notes And Homework

The zone of proximal development

Before I wanted to be a college professor, I wanted to be a first-grade teacher. I spent 2 years studying pedagogical theory in preparation for teaching K-6; but when I did my practicum, I only lasted 18 days. mais 185 palavras

Learning and unlearning: how does the radical left build its understanding?

How does the radical left build its understanding? Who are the theorists? Solvi Qorda makes the case for Vygotskian pedagogy as a way of understanding our problems and also of finding better cultures to replace them. mais 1.592 palavras


Day 4: Approaching science with young children

In my short time working with children, I’ve noticed that children have a greater capacity for understanding and enjoying science than is currently being explored. That is not to say that we should focus more on science by taking away from the other areas that are being taught in school, or make additional time for science. mais 941 palavras

Saving The World In 365 Days Challenge