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Modeling for Graduates - Day 2 of SI-Leeds

The best way to learn seems to be modeling – period. As I touched upon in yesterday’s reflection, modeling was situated at the center of getting a student to begin to understand an approach, a theory, a certain way of thinking. mais 1.586 palavras

Summer Institute

Some theories need to be proven

I will admit, it takes a while for me to warm up to theory. Mostly because some of the stuff the theorists come up with is just plain… mais 298 palavras


What we can learn from the past and apply to the future of education?

Going to ISTE2015, it was obvious that the focus of pedagogy and classroom ‘instruction’ has changed so dramatically over time that many teachers are taking a step back and letting students direct their learning and for instruction to come via alternate means.   mais 448 palavras

Instructional Design

When a child learns the most

I recently reviewed several theories related to child cognitive development. Some talked to me more than others, but one that I like to keep in mind as a parent is the theory from Vygotsky, a russian psychologist (more about him  mais 202 palavras


Reflection 1 (EDU 6131) - Child/Adolescent Development

Two years ago for my education minor at the University of Washington, I took an educational psychology course entitled “Learning and Teaching in a Changing World.” This course provided a general overview of various aspects of child and adolescent development with specific applicability to a classroom setting. mais 207 palavras

Teaching Philosophy

Little Raconteurs

One of the elements I was keen to include was something that allowed users to express themselves in some way. All the research I had read showed that children in 7-11 age range were keen to create. mais 502 palavras


Essay: Vygotsky's Theories and the Personal Implications for My Teaching

This was one of the few education units I did that I would consider to be “not a waste of time”. It looked at Educational Psychology, so concepts like theories of learning and brain development. mais 1.614 palavras