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Learning and unlearning: how does the radical left build its understanding?

How does the radical left build its understanding? Who are the theorists? Solvi Qorda makes the case for Vygotskian pedagogy as a way of understanding our problems and also of finding better cultures to replace them. mais 1.592 palavras


Day 4: Approaching science with young children

In my short time working with children, I’ve noticed that children have a greater capacity for understanding and enjoying science than is currently being explored. That is not to say that we should focus more on science by taking away from the other areas that are being taught in school, or make additional time for science. mais 941 palavras

Saving The World In 365 Days Challenge

Sociological Inspiration - Arrival

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Amy Adams, lead actor of Arrival.

This is one of a series of posts by Leeds Beckett sociology staff and students which will introduce and reflect on a book, film or other piece of culture which is of sociological significance. mais 1.421 palavras

The Dance: Navigating the A, B, C's of Student Motivation With Technology

Several years ago, I was speaking with a colleague while the two of us were chaperoning a dance in the gym at our high school. My friend, like me, was a middle-aged, Generation X teacher with 10-15 years of classroom experience. mais 892 palavras

EDUU 624

Ajatuksia oppimisesta, opettajuudesta ja maailman murroksesta

Kuten hyvin tiedämme, maailmamme on keskellä globaalia murrosta. Niin oppiminen, koulutus kuin opettajuuskin ovat osa muuttuvaa maailmaa, eivätkä ne elä erillään muutoksesta. Maailmassamme jylläävät digitalisaation kaltaiset megatrendit, joiden jalkoihin jää tulevaisuudessa yksi jos toinenkin perinteikäs ammatti tai työpaikka. mais 640 palavras

My educational blog

I’m taking classes towards getting a MEd in Desiging Digital Learning. I’m keeping a blog with all of my thoughts as I go through this course for the next two and half years. mais 23 palavras

21st Century

On Immersion & Truth Diversion

When i re read this poem, after i listened Robert Pinsky socialized it with another students, it just light up for me.

I believe that all that she’s saying comes out of her own experience; whether by the fact that she has felt and taste the water (immersion) or because her socially acquired knowledge tells her that it would be so: mais 892 palavras