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On Immersion & Truth Diversion

When i re read this poem, after i listened Robert Pinsky socialized it with another students, it just light up for me.

I believe that all that she’s saying comes out of her own experience; whether by the fact that she has felt and taste the water (immersion) or because her socially acquired knowledge tells her that it would be so: mais 892 palavras


Vygotskyan view on constructivism

Lev Vygotsky was a psychologist from Russia  (1896-1934) who did research on cognitive development of learners and is one of the foundations of constructivism. His work and influence still has substantial base on different approaches to learning. mais 839 palavras

Designing Opportunities for Mistakes

An abundance of research and blog posts exist that point to the learning that happens when our students make mistakes. This week, I wanted to explore some ways to use this knowledge in the classroom/as a class. mais 827 palavras


Avoiding superficiality in the forest of advice

This morning’s Twitter feed has brought forward a lovely representation of a gradual release of responsibility model of teaching with some sound supporting advice. Terrific! mais 528 palavras

11th September - Parenting theories

Over the break I have carried out some extensive research into parenting theories and have come up with my top three which I would like to share with you. mais 823 palavras


Help Cultivating the Children's Sense of Wonder about the World Around Them

Have you ever looked into a child’s eyes at the exact moment that magic enters? There is a twinkle of light that cannot be missed, and if you are not careful you could tumble right along with that child into the magic in which they are experiencing.

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Measuring Social Motivation: How can we obtain more holistic cultural profiles?

Illustration by Florian Bayer ‘African Governance Architecture’ (World Illustration Awards, 2016)

Endowed with language and reason, we strive to persevere

We are social creatures long before we are individuals (Vygotsky & Cole, 1978). mais 3.697 palavras

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