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EDU 6171 Reflection

2.2 Engaging Students in Learning– Most activities and assignments are appropriate to students, and almost all students are cognitively engaged in exploring content. The essential characteristics of this program standard involve developing lessons that illicit students’ natural curiosity, maintain their attention through a sequence of short learning segments and utilize effective questioning by the teacher to evaluate and build on current student interest and knowledge.   mais 596 palavras

2 Instruction

Het concept ‘Zone van de Naaste Ontwikkeling’ in een theaterles

80 jaar geleden overleed op 38-jarige leeftijd één van de belangrijkste denkers in de ontwikkelingspychologie – Lev Vygotsky – aan tuberculose, een ziekte waar hij al een paar jaar aan leed. mais 467 palavras


Attempting to Apply The Vygotsky Experiment...

To reiterate my experiment discussed in my previous blog post, Experimenting With Vygotsky, I had mentioned that I wanted to test an aspect of Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, namely whether the presence of an encouraging teacher affects the performance of children within the classroom. mais 645 palavras

The Promotion of Dominant Language Learning in a Literacy Classroom

Why the Dominant Language Should Be the Preferred Language in Literacy Classrooms?

As a result of the shift in demographics with the population of schools in the United States many English Language Learners (ELL’s) face difficult challenges in literacy education.  mais 676 palavras

Dunia Fantasi dengan Sejuta Imajinasi (bagian 2)

Sebagai guru pre-school, saya tidak dapat menilai jawaban anak benar atau salah, karena setiap apa yang mereka ungkapkan, ada pengalaman yang bermakna bagi dirinya. -fifin-

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My Point Of View

Live and Let Learn

If a child lives with negatives
They barely live at all
With low expectations creating a wall
That with the passing of the years
Will see ambitions disappear… mais 189 palavras

Standard 1.2: Understand How Students Learn

Graduate: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research into how students learn and the implications for teaching.

These are three of the more important aspects of children’s learning that I have come across in my experience and research.

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