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Constructivism Today: How Should Students Learn?

Our schools: Same old, same old

The most commonly voiced out critique against traditional rote learning is that it doesn’t deliver what it promises, this is that acquired knowledge fades fast and students start to forget mental content shortly after their exams. mais 1.523 palavras

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"Yes, and" as Teaching-Learning Methodology

by Omar Ali and Nadja Cech

Here we present ‘Yes, and,’ a concept derived from improvisational theatre, as a teaching-learning methodology that supports engaged experiential learning. mais 5.328 palavras


Fostering community inclusion for youth with disabilities interested in arts and music

Community inclusion is a central principle guiding the development of services and supports for people with disabilities in the United States.  For youth, the effort to foster community inclusion extends to the need for non-school activities, such as arts and music programs.  mais 416 palavras

Disability Services

My Teacher is a Russian Communist

“My mom said you are Russian Communist”, commented Audrey, one of the brightest 8th grade students in my physical science class as I handed back the classification of matter quizzes. mais 379 palavras


VLI#3 Arahan

Dua kanak-kanak yang bersahabat memanjat pokok dan bergayut di salah satu dahannya.

Tiba-tiba datang angin kencang bertiup.

Ibu kanak-kanak lelaki yang risaukan keselamatan anaknya menjerit… mais 109 palavras


Settling in

The first week of a new year is always hectic. The second week, on the other hand, is always more relaxing. Somehow, professors understand that we cannot read 10 articles per subject so they have already cut down on our workload. mais 340 palavras