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Four Things Parents Can Learn From the Psychologist Lev Vygotsky

There are lots of different educational philosophies out there for parents to navigate: Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Reggio Emilio, etc.

Now there’s a new kid on the block: the Vygotskian approach, which is used in the increasingly popular preschool curriculum… mais 812 palavras

Children's Learning

#rhizo15 week one - Subjectives and resuscitation

Beak to beak resuscitation?
Chickenofeathers CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I am finally resuscitating my blog for #rhizo15. This seems a rather good occasion to do something I was meant to do quite a while ago! mais 674 palavras


Classroom based research is crucial for the development of pedagogical theories which inform educator’s practice. What follows is a brief explanation of my research into dialogic theories of learning related to textual analysis in philosophy and theology (called RE throughout) carried out at the University of Cambridge. mais 1.404 palavras


The Teaching Learning Cycle

The Teaching Learning Cycle

The Teaching Learning cycle is a systematic approach to the process of teaching students to engage with and create texts. It is based primarily on the work of Halliday and Painter, who presented the fundamental essence of successful language learning as requiring “guidance through interaction in the context of shared experience” (Martin & Rose, 2012, p. mais 1.451 palavras


"Talking is thinking"

There are little pieces of recycled teacher intelligence we cling to as educators–things we use to remind ourselves we’re in process of being a better educator overtime.   mais 512 palavras

Education And Meditation

Social constructivism - s.e.a. TEACH assignment 2

As a part of the s.e.a. TEACH programme we have been asked to do a small amount of research into a learning theory. I have chosen to approach social constructivist learning theory as I am quite familiar with both cognitive and behaviourist approaches. mais 955 palavras


PFF Reflection #9: Teaching Philosophy Statement

This course has been hugely beneficial for me in that I have become more aware of the reasoning behind why teachers do what they do in a classroom. mais 650 palavras