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Welcome to 4Good2gether. It is somewhat of an experiment of sorts. To get a better idea of where I would like this blog to go, check out the  mais 40 palavras


Do Journalists Really Need to Be Taught How to Read?

It’s a funny question actually. Aren’t we all taught how to read in Kindergarten? Isn’t the the alphabet engraved into our minds at such a young age? mais 267 palavras

Felix Salmon

New feature: foliage photo of the day. And an update.

The odometer on my car reads 5,600 miles more than it did four weeks ago, and I drove over 5,000 of those miles myself.

How did that happen, you ask? mais 345 palavras


Tech Talk with June

You don’t have to put in an email address to leave me a comment. I wanted to say that first thing, before I got to all the scintillating news of my day. mais 967 palavras

June's Stupid Life

WordPress Site Performance, Plugins, etc.

Here is a post on WordPress administration. It lists some settings, themes, plugins, and other baseline installation requirements for speed, stability, security, and usefulness.

Note that this site is hosted at… mais 970 palavras


Rejuvenating WineLine

Well, it’s been two years since I’ve posted on this blog. I stopped because it was taking time and energy, and I was busy writing my weekly wine columns for… mais 227 palavras



On May 4, 2006, this blog, The Heart of a Pastor, was born. I didn’t pick this day because it is Star Wars Day. You know what a I mean, right? mais 235 palavras