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Audi Will Unleash Self-Parking Cars in a Bid to Fix Urban Gridlock

A new partnership between a city and a the German automaker could be a vital move in how we built cities around cars in the future. mais 27 palavras


Hunting for DNA in Doggerland, an Ancient Land Beneath the North Sea

Eight thousand years ago climate change and rising sea levels inundated the country of Doggerland. Now archaeologists are mapping its terrain—and its DNA.

The post… mais 25 palavras


This Face-Melding Art Project Is Made to Teach You Empathy

Instead of “walk a mile in another man’s shoes,” how about “see your face in someone else’s face”?

The post This Face-Melding Art Project Is Made to Teach You Empathy… mais 13 palavras


Elliptical Pool: An Even Nerdier Sport Than Quidditch

“Loop” is a twist on billiards that requires a cue ball, three colored balls, and an elliptical table with one uncharitably small pocket.

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