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I had a culture column at WIRED. And then I didn't. Here's what happened.

Photo: an illustration by Eric Battle and John Jennings from Nnedi Okorafor’s The Book of the Phoenix. 


A month ago, with the Hugo fracas in full swing, an editor at  mais 1.181 palavras

Tana Daily Telegraph republicou isto em Tana Daily Telegraph e comentou:

"...I’ve talked with other writers who’ve had experiences with Wired. My experience is not unique..." - original author

Watch a Captivating CGI Trip Through Outer Space

A good opening title sequence doesn’t just preface a narrative. It’s a mini story unto itself.

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After seeing a very notable deal on a 3-year subscription (150 issues) to Bloomberg Businessweek magazine this morning for just $20 (Reg. $150), DiscountMags has now  mais 179 palavras