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Music and Roku

On weekends I sometime find myself staying up late following whatever music the You Tube suggestions take me to.  Last night it was Lindsey Stirling’s new album “Brave Enough”.  mais 372 palavras

Stand My Ground

I was going through some blogs, trying to catch up, and I saw one from Penny on The Why About This. She has a video from one of my favourite groups, and when I was watching it, I thought of the song that goes with it. mais 56 palavras


Delain - Moonbathers (Review)

Delain are a symphonic metal band from The Netherlands and this is their fifth album.

Delain are one of those bands that I feel I should have heard a long time ago, but Moonbathers is actually my first encounter with the band’s material. mais 498 palavras


Weekly Warbles: 7/10

Wow it’s been a really, really long time. Sorry about that, super busy at work, and lots of stuff has happened. I’m going to try to ease back into the whole blogging thing again though, and this seemed like a good place to start! mais 25 palavras


Day 14 - Class 3 and Concert

So this is getting out a little late as I stayed out at a concert and then had to wake up for Krakow today. My apologies! mais 1.368 palavras

{MUSIC} Within Temptation, The Storyteller Band

Belakangan, gue lagi demen dengerin lagu-lagu symphony metal dari Within Temptation. Awalnya gue denger salah satu lagunya di Youtube, yang judulnya Dangerous Mind. Salah seorang fan Cheese In The Trap (versi komik) membuat animation video dengan lagu tersebut. mais 155 palavras


Tarja Turunen (Ex-Nightwish) Joins Within Temptation Onstage At Hellfest

During their performance at Hellfest, Within Temptation were joined onstage be Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) for a performance of “Paradise (What About Us?).” Check out some footage of that below: