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Within Temptation - Faster

I can’t see, cause it’s burning deep inside.
Like gasoline, a fire running wild.
No more fear, cause I’m getting closer now.
So unreal, but I like it anyhow. mais 207 palavras

Within Temptation

AMV chronicles #54: In Every Story... What Is There?

This AMV showed up in my “recommended” feed on Youtube last night and I’m still trying to figure out why. Watched it on a whim because…it had to be good, right? mais 1.190 palavras


Drawing the Best Within Temptation Album Out

Every album by Within Temptation is a whole different story from the previous one. We are waiting for another since January 2014. To make the longing go by faster, let us look on all of their past creations and vote for the best album/song! mais 669 palavras


Hottie of the Day: Sharon den Adel


Today’s mini-trifecta of Sharon den Adel ends with her as the latest “Hottie of the Day.”

We started this trifecta with the latest “AMV of the Day” ( mais 291 palavras

Hottie Of The Day

AMV of the Day: Moonlight Requiem (Sailor Moon Crystal)

It’s almost that time of the years when Through the Shattered Lens switches gears and goes into full dark fantasy and horror. While there will be the smattering posts that doesn’t dabble in all things dark and scary, it’s a month that’s become a yearly tradition and one that several writers on-site seem to enjoy. mais 714 palavras