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Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

I’m back – again! I lost internet access for a while, making posting the new stuff I let you know about last time a bit harder but I’m back now and kicking off as I mean to go on! mais 815 palavras

Writing Activities

Trying Out New Things

I’ve read a lot about this blogging phenomenon. So while I’m sat chilling out and listening to Within Temptation, Joe Bonamassa and a bit of ELO. mais 82 palavras

Life Happens

Five underrated artists

Another fine list from my archives, originally posted on my old website on 21st November 2003. In case it wasn’t immediately obvious, I was living in Germany at the time. mais 315 palavras


Queen Titania WIP

I’ve been working on Queen Titania a little bit more. I’ve been calling her Titania’s Shroud. I also wanted to start putting things into vector to see how I’d like to approach that side of things. mais 103 palavras


Loud Park 2014 - Tokyo Japan

This is the day that we’ve been waiting for. This is the ultimate reason why we have planned this trip to Japan. For us, visiting Tokyo and nearby areas is just a very big plus.  mais 1.806 palavras

5 Biggest Dutch Artist [Top 5]

Tomorrow it’s a national holiday in the Netherlands.
It’s Kingsday (before we had a king it was Queensday) because it’s a big thing in the Netherlands I want to share a top 5 with artist that you probably would know if you life in another country. mais 32 palavras


Swan Song

Berawal dari rasa penasaran saya tentang mengapa judul episode terakhir Supernatural di musim kelimanya berjudul Swan Song, saya jadi menemukan banyak hal yang tak terduga. mais 426 palavras

Just A Thought