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I'm a Musical Theatre Fan But What Type of Music Do I Listen To When I'm Not Listening to Musicals?

Hallo, Leute! So, for today, I thought that I’d talk a little about the types of music that I listen to when I’m not listening to songs from musicals! mais 375 palavras

Dead Queen (Poem)

When night falls and the rain begins to pour you know she’s near

Vailed in white and black she flies upon her wings of feathery black… mais 130 palavras


Summer playlist

Ah Spotify, how I love it when you send me here’s what you’ve been listening to emails, especially when it includes a playlist.

And it always does. mais 91 palavras


Song of the Day

I wish you knew how many of my posts were about you. But it’s not fair off me to want that, when you want the distance.


Unleash Them: Defy The Tide Releases "Soteria", angelic metal!

On April 7th, Pittsburgh/Ohio Valley’s own Defy The Tide released the EP entitled “Soteria” in true-DIY fashion.  The beauty about DIY is that there is total creative freedom in the writing and arrangement process.   mais 369 palavras

How to get out of a music slump. Or not.

My music stats have been appalling lately. Appalling as in I’ve barely listened to music at all.

Well, by comparison. 1 day 11 hours total for last week; in the words of Dustin, … mais 446 palavras



The past days have been weird, not terrible but not good and I’ve barely been sleeping. On top of a hectic weekend, my anxiety issues have started to act up, I think it’s due to stress and not being able to unwind by myself. mais 40 palavras

Personal Rant