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What zapping your brain with electricity feels like

NEW YORK — The first thing I noticed was the stinging, as if a fire ant were attacking my right temple.But this was no fire ant — it was current flowing through an electrode, oozing conductive gel, that was stuck to my head. mais 141 palavras

Random Zapping

My husband and I started our holiday yesterday for our 30th wedding anniversary.  We wanted to do something big so we’re traveling to South America to visit three countries where we haven’t been before.   mais 1.131 palavras

Carpe Feline

Domingos perfeitos!

Enquanto lá fora as nuvens rendem o sol e o sol rende as nuvens, hesitações do primeiro de fevereiro, componho um domingo perfeito: mais 33 palavras


Zapping ERTV Septembre 2014 - 1ère quinzaine

Parce qu’une compilation d’extraits vidéos peut servir à autre chose que promouvoir l’idéologie dominante, tourner les grands enjeux en dérision ou mépriser le peuple, ERTV vous propose son zapping ! mais 7 palavras


QUEST- It’s How You Get Around In Heaven

Actually, it’s called ‘zapping’ around in Heaven.   You zap to anywhere you want to go. No need for planes, trains or automobiles.   Trekkies use a ‘transporter’ to beam to and from a spaceship. mais 533 palavras

The Science Behind Heaven's Ant Farm

I'm no longer living in my guest room...and other zapped tolerations

Zapping is powerful, healing and boosts esteem probably more than it should. What’s zapping ? Eliminating things that you’re putting up with- anything you find draining or just a plain drag. mais 170 palavras